2nd Annual Christmas Tree Chopping Adventure

My family started a new tradition last year where we all get together and cut down the Christmas tree for Dad’s house.  All 10 of us (including the babies) have to agree on the tree and then we take it back to Dad’s and decorate it as a group. It was especially fun this year, because Dylan was able to come! He had to miss out on last year’s trip because of work, but I was happy to have everyone together for this year’s adventure.

Both years we have gone to Claybrook Tree Farm in Louisa, Virginia. They always have excellent service and even take you on a little hayride out to the tree fields. After we made our tree selection and chopped down the biggest, fattest tree we could find, we rode back to the entrance and all shared hot cinnamon donuts. It’s such a great tradition that I find myself looking forward to each year now and I can’t wait to watch Finn, River, and Kensington (who should be there next year!) all grow up with this tradition.

Here are some pictures!









And here are a few bonus pictures! Dylan and I spent the weekend trying to be as festive as possible, especially since our baby girl is due almost any day now and we don’t want to miss out on the holiday celebrations! So Saturday night we went to our friend Morganne’s Christmas party and had such a great time. Their whole group went out on a Christmas bar crawl afterwards, but Dylan and I skipped that (definitely a little too pregnant for the bar scene right now). But I was sad that the night was over so soon, so Dylan took me to see some Christmas lights. There are so many houses near us that go ALL out for Christmas! It was a fun way to end our evening. Don’t worry, we were still in bed before midnight. O:)





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