A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My dearest Kensington Louise,

letter to my daughter, first birthday, letter to my daughter on her first birthday, the freehearted
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One year of you.

One year ago today your adventure began and somehow I have trouble remembering our life before you came into it. You have been the center of our world for more than 365 days and we’ve spent every second watching you change and grow.  From your first smile to your first giggle; to your first time sitting up to your very first steps—we have been cheering and celebrating every little milestone. And today we celebrate your biggest one yet.

Your first trip around the sun!

Everyone says this birthday is for us as parents, but baby girl, this one is absolutely all for YOU.

As a tiny newborn you made the most amazing little coos and now as a raging, stomping toddler you give the ultimate hugs and have the craziest laugh. You have grown into one of the most loving humans I’ve ever met. You are everything we could’ve ever dreamed about and so much more.

We had no idea how much our hearts could grow and we had no idea how much you’d be teaching us. And isn’t that so ironic? We, as the parents, are here to teach you, yet somehow you, as our baby, have so much to teach us too.

You taught me patience as we learned our new life as a family of three.

You taught me that I can’t always plan out everything and that unexpectant things are going to happen.

You taught me that giggles are the best form of medicine.

You taught me that I will always have enough as long as I have you and your father.

You taught me that I am human. I cannot be supermom and that’s okay.

You taught me that being silly is a parenting requirement.

You taught me that my place in the world is right next to you.

You taught me to think about every single thing I do as I know you are watching me.

You taught me that sometimes the ordinary things are beautiful and too often overlooked.

You taught me that being a mother is not about the diapers or the bottles or the laundry, but more about the living room dance-offs, the trips to the park, and watching your eyes light up as we read a book together.

You taught me that sometimes a movie will make us all happy.

You taught me that sometimes fast food will make us happy too.

You taught me to try new things and to not be afraid of what I am unsure of.

But most of all, you taught me how to love with everything I have. I have felt the love of a mother before, but Kensington, you taught me how powerful, endless, all-forgiving, and unconditional a mother’s love truly is. I could never be more grateful.

I love you, your father loves you, and so do so many other people. I hope you always know how truly unique, special, and loved you are.

Happy first birthday my Kensington.

letter to my daughter, first birthday, letter to my daughter on her first birthday, kenise lou, the freehearted
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I love you always,


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