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A letter to my unborn daughter

My dearest Kensington,

Well, today’s your due date, and here we are still anxiously anticipating your arrival. Everyone is telling me to savor this time and not to rush you out, and I’m doing all I can to do just that. But I’m so overly excited to meet you Kensie Lou. And I’ll be honest, I’m equally terrified. I love that I can so easily protect you right now … but soon you won’t be tucked away safe inside me anymore. And that’s what scares me.

But as terrified as I am, I am equally excited for your debut. I can’t wait to see who you become, who you take after, and what you will conquer.  If you will have crystal blue eyes with little craters in them like your father’s or dark blue eyes with light specs like mine. If you will laugh like either of us … or if you will come out bearing your own eyes, your own laugh, and leave us all in wonder.

When we first found out about you, I was amazed at how you were equally a part of each of us. Half me, half him. It was as if the love between your father and I grew so strong that it needed it’s own identity–it’s own place in this world. And that’s you, baby Kensington. You are the love that we carry between us that we couldn’t keep for ourselves anymore. You are both of our hearts combined into one.

I can’t wait to watch you grow and I can’t wait to savor as much time with you as I can. I often fast forward to your future as our daughter. I picture mommy and you dates and father-daughter dances. I picture conversations with you about anything and everything and helping you with your homework. But what I’m most excited for is just a few days away: seeing your face for the first time, hearing your cry, and feeling your skin on mine … the body that my body created … the one I’ve felt kicking and twisting in mine for months. I am so excited to see your father’s face when he holds you for the first time. And even though it will be bittersweet for both of us to know that our first pregnancy is over, we know that the real adventure will be just beginning.

We have dreamed about you ever since our very first date. We talked about how we both wanted a family, and you, sweet Kensie, are our first step. I hope you never forget how truly wanted, loved, and important you are. My biggest hope for you is that you live your life fearlessly and that you never question yourself or your place in this world.

I love you (as I tell you often), and your father loves you (as he tells you with raspberries on my belly), and we cannot wait to meet you in just a few short days.

But don’t make us wait too long baby girl!

Love you always,


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