A new tradition

My family has not had a real tree since I was very young. I was always told that real Christmas trees made your house smell of pine but was too young to ever remember this smell. Well after pulling the raggedy, half-lit, artificial tree out from storage last year, we realized that it might be time for something better this year. My nephew, who is 2, is really beginning to enjoy Christmas as much as the rest of us–he deserves a nice Christmas tree at Papa’s.

So my sister decided we would all go to the local Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree.  It was so much fun! And now, Papa has a big, beautiful tree for Christmas! Take a look at some of our pictures:

We rode a hayride to and from the actual pine trees. Finley was skeptical of it at first, but loved it! Especially since he was sitting between Daddy and Papa.




Once we had chosen our tree, we clearly had to take a family selfie in front of it. Don’t let Angie fool you with that saw–she didn’t cut it down. Tiffany and Nathan did most of the work, though Jake will tell you he did it.  I didn’t even touch the saw. 🙂





It was such a great idea and I’m thankful we were able to do it. I’m sad that Dylan had to miss it because of work, but hopefully he will be there for next year’s tree chopping.

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