Hi there! Welcome to The Freehearted. My name is Sarah and I’m a 25-year-old who loves writing and sharing. I am a mother to a sweet baby girl name Kensington and she’s basically the star of my instagram page. I also am the wife to an amazing man, Dylan, and he’s an absolute dream. We also have a little orange mutt named Marvel who is the wildest, laziest, (yes, somehow he is both wild and lazy) and sweetest dog you will ever meet. Together, we make up the Frank family and I’m not sure how my heart could get any fuller.

the freehearted family

I very much enjoy learning and have spent six semesters studying English and writing. I received my Masters of Arts in English Literature as well as my BA in English with a minor in writing from Virginia Commonwealth University. I love writing, reading, editing, and proofreading.  I am a copywriter for Key Web Concepts and I enjoy writing creatively and professionally. Check out my portfolio for more!

So why “freehearted?” Well, to be freehearted means to be frank, open, spontaneous and also generous, which sums up my exact intentions with this site. I want to be honest and open with my readers while remaining kind and compassionate. The Freehearted is the place where I can come to share my thoughts, recipes, mothering stories, parenting tips, and my professional successes, all while remaining as honest and freehearted as possible.

If you are new to my site: welcome! And if you’ve been reading along for a while: thank you, thank you, thank you. I really can’t say it enough. But no matter if you’re a new or avid reader of mine, I invite you to be freehearted with me. Always tell your truth and keep sharing yourself. Because it matters.

the freehearted family

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