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Our newfound love of bandana bibs

Well, as much as I didn’t want it to happen, my baby girl has two teeth that have popped right through! I know I should be excited, and I am in many ways, but I’m also very sad that her gummy smiles are soon going to be completely changed when more of those pearly whites come in.

I’m also very saddened by the number of outfits that are covered in the drool that never seems to end. I know it is a direct result of her teething, but it’s absolutely obnoxious. We have bibs, of course, but they’re just not the same as her cute dresses, shirts, onesies, etc. They cover up all those perfect designs and phrases and often times, to be frank, they are very ugly.

But then I stumbled across bandana bibs! And they are seriously so cute. They don’t even look like normal bibs and I absolutely love when Kensington wears hers . I got mine from Sew Bright Creations, which is a small one-mom shop from Canada. Jackie is so sweet and was wonderful to work with. She even hand-wrote me a little note in the packaging! Does it get any better than that?

The bibs are so unbelievably soft, too. I know that Kensington doesn’t mind wearing them at all unlike some of the other bibs we have that are rougher than a bath towel. And her bibs seriously absorb EVERY drop of drool. I kid you not—they soak it all up. I’ve become obsessed. They also are adjustable in sizes, so they’ll grow with the baby. I wish I had gotten these sooner because I can’t get over how much they help Kensie with her drool and with her style. (Hehe.)

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Jackie’s prints are so stinking cute too. I find that sometimes I work Kensington’s outfits around the prints on the bibs. (Kind of crazy, considering how much I dreaded entering the bib season of Kensie’s life.) Her whole shop is filled with tons of must-haves for the kids (like can we talk about the Georgia crop shirts? Ugh, my heart!) but these bibs, are my favorite item by far.

Jackie has so sweetly offered my followers a coupon code if ordered before August 15th, 2017! Use the code “FRANK” and receive 15% your order from Sew Bright Creations!
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Hopefully, now that Kensington’s first tooth has cut and these bibs are absorbing all of her slobber, I will get over the devastating “my baby is growing up because she has teeth” thing. I guess I just need to accept that time moves faster when you have kids.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo.

***Disclaimer: this post includes an item that was sent to me for free in return of a honest review on the product.

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12 thoughts on “Our newfound love of bandana bibs

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for the comment! Kensington definitely goes through a ton of bibs each day. Gotta keep them stocked up 🙂

  1. I was just thinking of these today. I used to make them for etsy but it never took off! but anyways, i need one with a trough because my son is a violent spitupper. he is fussy and nurses and then a good deal of it comes back up even after burping!

    1. Hi Priscilla, I’m so sorry your little one spits up so much! Hopefully you find a set that works well for you. Maybe you could venture back into making some! 😉

  2. Bandana bibs are my favorite! They are cute and practical! I hope her teeth break through soon. Mine has 4 top teeth that have been threatening with their appearance for months now!

    1. Hi Karen! I think it’s her four top teeth too! She’s been super fussy this past weekend. So heartbreaking! Hope your little one’s come through soon too. 🙂

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