Being “Frank”ful 2016

This time of year, I always try and reflect on what is going right in our lives. Being pregnant definitely has my hormones pointing out all the things going wrong (and honestly I cry about the things going really perfect too… oh, hormones) and I’d really like to sit down and write out what we’re thankful for. We did a few posts last year on being “Frankful” and I wanted to do it again since we really do have so much to be truly grateful for.

So here’s our list… There’s 24 because Thanksgiving is on November 24th. 🙂

We are thankful for:

  1. Being pregnant. Now while Kensington was very much a surprise, we are still so eternally thankful that we get to be her parents. Starting a family was always something Dylan and I dreamed of, and we are so thankful to be given such a sweet gift as a daughter.
  2. Our family. There’s nothing that makes us happier than a traditional Sunday dinner with my family or a trip to Virginia Beach to see Dylan’s. We love spending time with our nephews, siblings, and parents. I knew from our first date that Dylan was a family man and I have always loved that we both put family first. I’m so happy we both love each other’s family as much as we do and I couldn’t be more excited for Kensie Lou to become a part of the family.
  3. Great parents.  From Dylan’s parents who housed us for a year to my dad who does so much for us, we couldn’t be happier to have great parents to look up to. And we absolutely cannot wait to see them all with baby K! Poppy and Gygy and Papa. The perfect grandparents for her.
  4. How often we were “showered” this year. Seriously, this one. To our family and friends who had to put up with the bridal showers, wedding, AND baby shower all in one year–thank you so much. We definitely had a HUGE year and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who celebrate our marriage and our daughter with us. We hope 2017 is less eventful for us and that we can return the favor to all of our friends and family. 🙂
  5. Our little house together.  We just recently moved right down the street into a townhouse that has a lot more space. We loved our little two bedroom apartment, but had some issues with it and ultimately had to do the move (even though I was 35 weeks pregnant and not much help at all). We are just about unpacked and are so excited to be settling into the home that we will bring our daughter home to.
  6. Having jobs. Though this has been the hardest financial year of our lives, we are still both very grateful to have the jobs that we do have. It takes everything I have to be hopeful in 2017 being a better financial year than 2016, but the first step is having jobs! And we are thankful we have what we do have.
  7. Creating a budget and sticking to it. So while we’re on the conversation of finances, we worked very hard this year to not overspend. We created a menu every week, didn’t eat out unless it was for a special occasion, turned our kitchen into a paperless kitchen, and kept each other on track when the other wanted to crack. This took a lot of discipline and not only am I proud of us, I’m also thankful we actually had the strength to do it.
  8. Agreeing on the thermostat. This might seem silly, but it’s 100% real. I could never be more thankful thank Dylan likes the house as cool as I do. We both love cold weather and bundling up underneath the covers and I’m not sure what we would do if one of us liked the heat. Hopefully this will save us some money this winter. 🙂
  9. Trying new things together. This one is broad in a good way. We’ve tried so many new things this year–from cloth napkins, to Top Golf, to new recipes, to hiking, to cloth diapering our child–and I’m glad that we are supportive and adventurous enough to do all these new things together.
  10. All our nephews and nieces! There’s nothing better than having cousins and I’m so glad Kensington will be able to grow up with all the best cousins around her. And with all of our family and friends that are also pregnant, we can’t wait for her cousin crowd to grow even more.
  11. Books. Since we just moved, I am reminded of how many books we have and how we both cling to them so much. We definitely got rid of a few this move, but it does make me secretly so happy to see boxes full of our favorite books each time we move.
  12. Hand-me-downs. We could never say thank you enough to my sister and her husband who have given us so much hand-me-down baby stuff! We don’t know how we could have ever gotten it all without them, and Kensington is already so lucky to have her Aunt Angie and Uncle Nathan. (Or Uncle Naboy? hehe)
  13. All the pups in our life! From our very spoiled pup, Marvel, to our sweet girl, Ellie, and even to my brother and his girlfriend’s new pup, Abby–we can’t get enough dog love in our lives!  Nothing is more fun than taking a visit out to Dylan’s parent’s place and seeing all five pups back in action. It’s wild and perfect!
  14. Food Network. Yes, this is a little sad, but not only do we love so many of their shows, we also get a lot of meal ideas from them. So it’s definitely something to be grateful for. 🙂
  15. The Office. While we’re on the subject of TV, we can’t stop watching this show. Again. It’s a problem.
  16. Essential oils. We don’t do too much with our oils except use them in a diffuser, but we do that almost every night. We love just a simple Lavender oil and it’s perfect to relax with before bed.
  17. Our cast iron skillet. Now this is Dylan’s domain, but my oh my does it make things taste SO good! If you don’t have one, go get one. They’re amazing. We use it for meat, potatoes, veggies, tacos… the list goes on and on. You can even bake in them!
  18. Carter’s Mountain Orchard. We love this place. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s especially fun and worthwhile to pick your own apples. We went twice this year (well, three times… sore subject) and made our first homemade apple pie together. It was simple and delicious and we owe it all to the orchard. 🙂
  19. Pinterest. There are just so many great ideas on Pinterest, from recipes to decorating ideas to adorable baby outfits. It’s such a great tool to not only find great ideas but also share your own ideas. It’s been such an essential tool for budgeting, my blogging, and even just nursery ideas for Kensie.
  20. Our Doctor. She’s been so great for us so far and she’s helped us with all of our questions about pregnancy. Hopefully we have as smooth of a birth with her as we have had with all of our other visits. Fingers crossed!
  21. How cute cloth diapers are. Let’s be honest, cloth diapering is going to be dirty, dirty work. BUT I’m so thankful that the diapers are as cute as they are. I can’t wait to see little Kensington in them and I hope it will make the dirty job a little easier.
  22. Baby clothes. Oh my gosh do I just tear up folding all of Kensie Lou’s onesies, dresses, leggings, hats, socks, shirts, PJs… It’s all just so tiny and so adorable. I can’t wait until she’s here and wearing all the beautiful clothes people have given to her.
  23. Each other.  After all these years we are definitely still smitten with each other and I hope it never goes away. We’ve always been each other’s best friend and there’s nothing we love more than spending time together. I don’t know what I’d do without Dylan and I couldn’t be more thankful for the love, respect, and happiness we give to each other.
  24. 2016. It seriously has been the best year of our lives thus far, and as long as everything goes smoothly with Kensington’s arrival, it is only going to get better. We’ve had some huge events happen–from our wedding to becoming pregnant–and I know that when we look back on this year we will only smile over and over again at all of the memories. I hope 2017 can live up to it!

And that’s a wrap! It always feels so good to see all of the things we are thankful for written out and I’m excited to look back on these in a few years and feel even more grateful.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! xoxo.

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