Being Frankful part 2

Hey guys! What a crazy week it has been for us. That being said, we have fallen behind in our thankful posts. Here are our next 7 things to be thankful for:

(8) Our nephews! My sister announced Saturday that her baby is a boy! Stay tuned for a longer post on how she revealed it–it was such a fun party!

(9) Surviving Hell week. We are both swamped with school work, basically until after Thanksgiving. We are dreaming of winter break! Getting through these classes has been painful for us … But hopefully we will pull it off. Fingers crossed!

(10) Bacon! We have been on a breakfast kick. We have been flying through our packs of bacon … and we love it!

(11) Our new Ninja. Dylan had a Nutribullet that we both loved using, but we just upgraded our blending life and bought a Ninja that allows us to use a Nutribullet attachment. It is beautiful and makes everything so much easier (especially Dylan’s applesauce!).

(12) Laughter. We both love making each other laugh, and recently have been nothing but goofballs with each other. There’s nothing I love more than hearing Dylan laugh, especially when he’s bent over crying because something is so funny. Love without laughter is certainly a boring love. I’m thankful we laugh together each and every day.

(13) Holidays. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas sneaking up on us, too, we are so thankful for it to be the holiday season! There’s nothing better than hot coffee, Christmas carols, Marvel in sweaters, and celebrating another year passing. The cold weather is a plus, too! It’s the best time of the year.

(14) Our safety. With all the tragic events that happened across the world on November 13th, 2015, we are thankful that us and our families were safe on that day. We pray for the well being of those who cannot say that.

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