Being Frankful part 3

So clearly, we have gotten behind (yet again) with our thankful posts. However, I don’t want to give ourselves the opportunity to just skip listing the remaining 16 things that we are thankful for.

(15) Sweater weather. I feel like the past few weeks the weather has finally felt like winter. I’m not necessarily a cold-weather-lover, but it was well past time for a stronger chill in the air. (Next up–snow!)

(16) Apple Cider. Dylan made a delicious apple cider (that we normally spike with Bacardi 151, but didn’t this year) for our family’s Thanksgiving this year. It was delicious–I definitely indulged in a glass on Thanksgiving.

(17) Lavender. Not just the color that we hope to be surrounded in on our wedding day, but the smell too. You just can’t beat it!

(18) Movies. Though we might not always agree on the kinds of movies, we do love cuddling up and watching a good one. Today, we watched Inside Out finally, and it was the cutest Disney movie since Monsters Inc.

(19) Cinebistro. This place is our guilty pleasure. We know that we could get dinner, drinks, and a movie for cheaper… yet we can’t help but think about their big cozy chairs, being able to choose our seats before we arrive (back row, center is our spot), and refillable popcorn. It’s the best splurge we could give ourselves.

(20) Socks. Speaking of sweater weather … nothing is better than being warm and cozy with some warm socks on our feet. Dylan even has a few pairs of thick socks that he enjoys wearing during this time of the year. The only rule we have is that we cannot sleep in said socks … That is just inhuman.

(21) Winter break is so close now!!!!! If you’ve been wondering why our blogs have basically stopped … school is why.

(22) Siblings. Dylan has two younger siblings, while I have two older siblings. We are quite the contrast–youngest and oldest–but we have enjoyed our sibling dynamic very much.

(24) Our favorite TV shows. From MasterChef, to American Horror Story, to Girls, to House Hunters, to Chrisley Knows Best … We love each and every one equally.

(25) Chrisley Knows Best. Okay that was a lie. There is one show that we love more than any other show in the entire world… And even if Dylan denies it in public, he loves watching the Chrisley’s crazy household as much as his dad and I do.

(26) DVR. Because let’s get real, when we both work retail jobs that sometimes mean nights and weekends, we never have time to watch our shows when they actually come on.

(27) Pressure Cookers. While I don’t have one, my daddy did make us all some delicious pork BBQ in his and I have a newfound love for pressure cooking. His BBQ tasted slow cooked, but only took an hour for FOUR pounds. That’s awesome.

(28) Cheesy Christmas Cards. Coming to a mailbox near you soon. 🙂

(29) Old friends. We have both recently caught up with some of our older friends. There’s nothing like a friendship where you don’t speak every day but you know nothing has changed. (Shout out to Sarah & Morgan).

(30) Each other. Throughout all the holiday hustle and bustle, the end of the semester, the wedding planning, and the long hours at work–nothing means more than having each at the end of the day. Being each others’ rock is what will get us through everything. We couldn’t be more thankful.


We finally finished! I couldn’t be more excited to have listed 30 of the things we are most grateful for. If you are reading this, know that YOU are another thing we are happy to have in our lives. Thank you for reading, and I hope you and your family had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as we did.

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