December Favorites

So now that the New Year has come and gone, we need to discuss the things that we loved in December… Here are our December favorites:

  1. Trader Joe’s pre-made Hollandaise sauce! I cannot obsess over it enough. A delicious sauce to add to your breakfast for a quick and easy Eggs Benedict taste. I pour it over top of my eggs and bacon and call it “Lazy Eggs Benedict.” Seriously, go try it.
  2. Mustaches. Okay this is not my favorite thing at all, but Dylan has been LOVING his mustache-only look. He even sports it at work. And as much as I despise it … I can’t deny that it was his favorite face of December.
  3. Planet Fitness! We both got memberships because we’ve gotta look good at this wedding. But seriously, we love going to the gym together. He helps me with weights and I couldn’t ask for a better gym partner. Planet Fitness is perfect for us because it’s affordable, they have a lot to offer, and there is one almost anywhere. I’ve had gym memberships that are impossible to cancel (or at least it feels that way) and Planet Fitness’s no-contract deal is amazing. Because we are on a tight budget while we plan this wedding, we’ve got to save where we can!
  4. S’well bottles. We both indulged a little (well, I get a discount on these through Starbucks) and each got ourselves one. His is a deep green that is beautiful and mine is a champagne pink! Couldn’t recommend these more. If you’ve been considering one, just go get it. We love them!
  5. The Office. We both have seen almost every episode but for some reason we (and Dylan’s sister) have been obsessed with this show. It’s so funny and has so many great moments … (like when Jim & Pam first begin dating! Megan and I were crying during that episode). It is just such a classic show.
  6. Wedding details. Clearly, as we are less than 100 days away from our big day majority of what we are doing is planning, planning, planning! And soon addressing, addressing, addressing as we try and get all of these invitations in the mail. So much to do with so little time!
  7. Crafting. So because we are on a tight budget, we are doing a lot of DIY for our wedding… DIYs are always my favorite things to do, but we just have to find the time to finish these projects. From spray painting, to staining wood, to creating favors… we have no choice but to favor some DIYs for the next few months. But don’t worry… we love doing it. 🙂 And we can’t wait to see it all come together on April 9th!

So these are our favorite things from December! Hope they give you new ideas for you and your loved ones. Thanks for reading.

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