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Diaper Bag Essentials: Baby Edition

I decided that it would be fun to start a new series on my blog, entitled “Diaper Bag Essentials.” I’m assuming that my diaper bag will change a lot as Kensington grows and if we have more children, so I’d like to be able to share those changes with you all and help anyone out there who might be struggling to organize their own bag.

So here is the first post for the series: baby edition!

diaper bag essentials

For starters, my diaper bag is from Target and it put me back about $40. It’s Oh Joy! brand and I’ve had no issues with it since having my Kensington 9 months ago. Here is the link to the bag in you are interested! It looks like they have since come out with other styles and colors, so that’s always fun! (And makes me want to buy another…)

 I didn’t feel like that was too outrageous, and I personally really like the bold print. I also felt like it wasn’t too girly, so Dylan wouldn’t be too embarrassed to carry it (and let’s be honest, he carries it a lot). I also really like how many pockets it has and how roomy the inside is. Because we cloth diaper, the diapers take up a lot more space than disposables, so a large bag is a must for us.

diaper bag essentials, infant diaper bag

diaper bag essentials, lots of pockets diaper bag

The bag also features two side pockets that I often use for bottles, water, and sippy cups. I like that it has large pockets on both sides because I can have one for my own drink and one for Kensie too. The diaper bag also came with a changing pad that is so nice for when you’re out and about. It’s a great size pad too!

diaper bag essentials

diaper bag essentials

One thing I love about this diaper bag is that the front pockets are big enough to hold my wallet. I also love the convenient zipper, as it is such a convenient place for my chapstick! I hate digging through such large bags to find chapstick, so this little zipper pocket is life.

diaper bag essentials, what's in my diaper bag

I keep my wallet on the left side usually, and on the right side I stack full with easy grabs for Kensington. First things first: toys. This is especially helpful for car rides, grocery shopping trips, and restaurants. And because I keep them all in the same pocket, I find that I am digging much less for them and Kensie is fussing a lot less too. Win-win! I also keep a handful of bows in this pocket because they’re cute (duh) and I like to be able to pin back Kensie’s hair when she’s playing, so back-up hair bows are definitely useful for me.

diaper bag essentials, what's in my diaper bag

Next, we have the obvious items: diapers! Depending on where we’re going and for how long really depicts how many diapers I pack, but usually I like to have 3 on hand at any time. I always have wipes in my diaper bag as they come in handy for so much more than just changing diapers. I also like to have a wet-bag on hand, and I totally recommend this for moms who do and do not cloth diaper! This is where we store the dirty cloth diapers as we’re out and about, but it is super useful for soiled clothes, dirty bibs, and spit-up covered burp cloths. We use ours for so much more than dirty diapers, and we always have it in our diaper bag!

diaper bag essentials, cloth diaper bag

This is pretty obvious as well, but we always have a change of clothes for Kensington because babies are just naturally messy. I also like to have a bib on hand, especially now that Kensie is eating and teething. This bib is from a small shop in Canada called Sew Bright Creations and it’s super absorbent! Read all about our bandana bib obsession here!

diaper bag essentials, change of clothes

We also have our Copper Pearl cover in here as well. When I was breastfeeding, this was especially helpful as I used it to nurse in public. But we have used it for so much more than a breastfeeding cover. We’ve used it as a highchair cover, a car seat cover, and even a shopping cart cover! It’s so soft that I’ve even just used it as a blanket for Kensington to sit on while at the park. We love it! Highly recommend, and I mean, could it get any more beautiful?

diaper bag essentials, copper pearl cover

Lastly, I try to always carry a thermometer. I am the worst at being able to tell if Kensie feels warm, probably because she hasn’t really had a high fever yet (I’m knocking on wood right now, y’all) so having it nearby just helps ease my mind.

diaper bag essentials, thermometer

Other things I often have in our bag but not picture:

  • Sunscreen: throughout the summer especially I always had a tube of sunscreen in our bag. I just never wanted to be somewhere sunny without sunscreen for the baby.

  • A hat: same thought process as sunscreen. I just never wanted Kensington’s little scalp to get sunburned.

  • Diaper cream: Kensington has only had a few diaper rashes, and so when she does have one I will carry the tube with us. If your baby is prone to rashes though, I would definitely recommend carrying diaper cream with you!

  • Puffs: Now that Kensie is eating food, if she sees us eating anything, she wants it. Puffs have been a great thing to keep on hand in case I have anything that she shouldn’t eat.

And that’s the first part of my newest series! Is there anything else I should be carrying with me for my baby girl? Let me know in the comments!

diaper bag essentials, baby diaper bag, cloth mom diaper bag, cute diaper bag

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