Final gender predictions for Baby Frank


This Friday, July 22nd, we should be able to find out the sex of our baby. We are so overjoyed! Whatever the gender is, we will be ecstatic, but I thought it would be fun to see what some Old Wive’s Tale would predict for us!

  • Did you have morning sickness? Yes! 
  • Baby’s heart beat? Between 144 & 155!
  • Have you craved sweet or salty? This one’s tricky, because I’ve craved both! But if I had to say one or the other, I’d say I’ve been craving more sweet things! 
  • How is your skin? I haven’t had any kind of breakouts yet, but it has been more dry than usual! 
  • What side do you sleep on? I have been falling asleep best on my right side! 
  • Have you been clumsy or graceful? Oh my gosh, so clumsy! 
  • Have you been moody or happy? This one is tricky too… My first trimester I was so moody, but my second trimester so far I’ve been really happy! 
  • Have you had headaches? Only a few…
  • Mayan Calendar? Even age of conception + odd month of conception = Boy! 
  • Chinese Calendar? Girl! 
  • Have you dreamed about either gender? Girl! 
  • Sarah’s gut feeling: Girl! 
  • Dylan’s gut feeling: Boy! 

So, we are close to equal on both sides of the old wive’s tale predictions. We have eight that point to girl and six that point to boy! Clearly, we are going to be surprised on Friday either way. It’s going to be such an exciting day! Stay tuned for our reveal post.

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