Halloweekend by Cinderella

How is it that October has come and gone already? It feels as though autumn has just finally arrived and we will soon be diving into Christmas and winter wonderlands. Nonetheless, Halloween weekend was a great time — despite that Dylan and I worked both days of it.

Friday night, Megan and I carved pumpkins. I had no idea that Megan had never carved a pumpkin, and after carving one she decided it was stupid. If only I had a picture of her face when she had to gut her pumpkin … It was hysterical. She didn’t use a stencil, but I did. A three-out-of- four difficulty level — not to brag or anything. 🙂 I titled it “Til Death Do Us Part.”


Saturday, my Starbucks crew and I dressed up as princesses. Well, most of us did. We had a few other costumes but the princesses of Princess Anne was a huge success! We had a Jasmine, a Sleeping Beauty, a Maleficent, Olaf, and I was Cinderella. Our customers loved it! We had a blast all day long.


Later, I made Dylan wear a crown as my Prince Charming and we took a family picture with Marvel. We tried to get our other dog, Eleanor, in the picture but she didn’t like our costumes.


Overall, we had a pretty fun weekend; Halloween was definitely successful. Now bring on the turkeys and Christmas decorations.

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