Halloween 2016

Our Halloween was probably one of our most fun Halloweens we’ve ever spent together. Usually, one of us (or both of us) has to work, but we were able to get the whole weekend off together!  We spent the weekend with friends, family, and three of the most adorable babies we know. Saturday night we dressed up as Tom Hanks and Wilson from “Castaway” which was perfect with my pregnant belly. We went to Kelly and Tyler’s Halloween party and then met up with Katie and Kyle in the Fan. Monday, actual Halloween, we spent most of the day relaxing and then went trick or treating with my sister and her two boys, as well as my friend Ashley and her daughter Halle. My dad took the job of holding on to River (who is only 7 months old) and filling up his bucket with all the best candy!  But seriously, he did “bargain” a few times to get the good stuff… And we all took turns eating it! River was an adorable Lion, Halle was Ariel, and Finley was Mickey Mouse. All three as adorable as can be!









We were all exhausted by the end of the weekend! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. 🙂

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