“I just love apples,” says Dylan

Yesterday, Dylan and I drove three hours from Virginia Beach to Charlottesville for one thing: apples, apples, and more apples!  But, before the adventure, we had to find a fun spot for lunch.  We went to a delicious restaurant called Citizen Burger Bar. The burgers are huge, local, and so juicy. It was Dylan’s first time here, and he loved it! They offer a ton of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options so it was easy for us to stay on track with our ways of eating … minus the beer… 🙂


Carter’s Mountain Orchard is an amazing place to run around and pick your own apples. And since Dylan has been making his homemade applesauce a lot lately (click here for his recipe), we though handpicked apples could only make it better.  The views at this orchard are truly incredible. We picked a beautiful day to go!


     IMG_8443       IMG_8457

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Believe it or not, apple picking is EXHAUSTING, especially when you go on an eighty-degree day in November. The orchard was definitely picked through, so we had to go pretty far back into the rows of apple trees to find some good apples to pick. Needless to say, we needed a little break afterwards before driving back home. We each enjoyed the view from a picnic table on their deck and had delicious Bold Rock cider–apple for Dylan, pear for me!

IMG_8447        IMG_8451


On our way home, we made a pit stop in Richmond to have dinner with my father, sister, and nephew.  We watched Finley stuff his water with green beans and french fries and laughed as he tried to drink it afterwards. “Toddler juice” I think is what we named it.

After dinner, we each got our very own kisses from Finley. He was quite the cutie when it was time to leave–I don’t think any of us wanted to say goodbye!

IMG_8529       IMG_8560

IMG_8539      IMG_8549


Nothing’s better than toddler kisses–and there was no better day than today to break in my new boots! Sorry this post was so picture heavy! But those views were too gorgeous not to document. Be on the look out for a mostly text post coming this Sunday.

Thanks for reading! XOXO.


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