July Favorites!

How is it already August? This year is flying by and we have had so many exciting things happening for us that I want to do nothing more than savor every minute of it. So, that’s exactly what I am going to do! This post is going to be all about what our favorite things in July have been as well as some fun things that we’ve gotten to do!

Pokemon Go. We, and both of our families, have been all over this game. Dylan takes his very seriously, whereas I am a much more relaxed player. Well, really I run out of Pokeballs regularly, so that’s probably why I am not as strong of a player as Dylan (and also because I didn’t really play it growing up, and Dylan STILL has like every single card ever made). Either way, it has been such a fun way for us to spend time with each other and our families. In fact, once this month we went to Mt. Trashmore with Dylan’s family to do nothing but catch Pokemon. It was awesome.

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Pool days. So we aren’t going to be able to take a big vacation this year (saving our PTO for when Kensington makes her arrival) but we have supplemented with multiple trips to the pool! Dylan and I have two pools are our complex, and we’ve even made it over to my brother’s girlfriend’s pool. It’s been really fun spending a day here or there with our families that feel like we’re away in paradise. Pool days are so relaxing, and since we aren’t getting a vacation this year, we need all the relaxing days we can get!


Big Brother. After living last summer with Dylan’s family, I became as obsessed with it as they are! It is such an intense show. I’ve loved watching this season. Dylan and I watch it every week together and it’s definitely something we look forward to together. If you watch it… I love Paulie and Dylan loves Nicole. Those are our favorites. And James and Natalie… I mean how cute are they??? 🙂

Pregnancy Apps. Yes, this is both of us. My heart just about melted when Dylan downloaded a pregnancy app on his own… and then I got a little annoyed when I actually liked his more than the one I was using! So we’ve both been using Ovia and love it. They compare baby’s size to more than just fruits and vegetables (even though some of their vegetables are kind of strange…) like bakery items, fun and games, and “weird but cute animals.” Dylan loves the fun and games category. This week (21 weeks) Kensington is the size of a baby Bok Choy or a Baseball hat… which seems very large to me.

Pinterest. Okay, so this is my favorite thing, not Dylan’s, but I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy for SO much baby stuff. From how to cloth diaper, to finding cute nursery items, to adorable outfits that I will never be able to afford… It has been awesome. Also, Pinterest has really been a big help in finding easy, affordable new recipes to try, as well as saving ideas. I love reading other families’ experiences with budgets and I love being able to find so many blogs on Pinterest.

Brunch. Even though we only ate out for brunch once this month on a  double date with Morganne and Matt (and my gosh was it delicious! Those homemade biscuits at Lunch & Supper were to die for…), we ate breakfast foods probably multiple times a week this month. Dylan has been perfecting his hash browns and they have been turning out so good. I personally think his are better than any restaurants I’ve ever had and there have been multiple times where he will make us both a second round because we’ve enjoyed them so much. His cooking specialty is definitely breakfast and I’m not complaining!

Family Reunions. This past weekend was spent with a ton of Dylan’s family and we had such a blast! The Frank Family Reunion 2016 was awesome, and even though it rained the whole time, we all kept smiles on our faces and didn’t let it ruin our fun. The music, food, and card games really made the event extra special. We’re so thankful for all of those who worked so hard to put it together! We really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for 2018. Even though we will probably be chasing around a toddler by that point!

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