Kensie Lou Update: 2 Months

How on earth is my baby girl TWO MONTHS old now? It seems like just yesterday she made her arrival, and now she’s a smiling, head-lifting, adorable two-month old. Time really does run faster when you have a kid.

I wanted to start keeping an update (I’m thinking every 2 months) on not only Kensington’s milestones, but also on our experience as new parents. And even though it has only been a few months, we have learned, experienced, and laughed about so much already. The late nights, early mornings, and serious exhaustion is enough to drive anyone crazy but I want to remember as much of these days as possible.

So our sweet girl currently weighs 9 lbs 13 oz and is 22 & 1/4 inches long.  She loves smiling at us, can hold her head up SO well, and is super close to rolling from her tummy to her back. She is still nursing like a pro and eats every 3 hours, except at night where she’ll go much longer stretches.  Right now, Kensington gets up about once a night. We put her down about 9 PM and she’ll wake up usually around 4 AM to nurse and then goes right back down and sleeps until about 8 AM. She’s been doing this for the past 4 weeks so hopefully she doesn’t regress anytime soon!  She’s been in cloth diapers for over a month now. We’ve really enjoyed that process so far (more to come later) and my gosh, they’re so stinking cute! She’s currently wearing size 3 month clothes, but I can still squeeze her little legs into some newborn leggings. She’s got the craziest hair that we cannot tame, and she doesn’t seem to mind the obnoxiously large bows I keep putting on her.  She’s been an easy going, adorable, perfect little babe so far. We absolutely love watching her grow!

Five things we’ve learned about parenting:

Breastfeeding is HARD:  It’s painful, frustrating, and resentful, especially those first few weeks. I had a very painful let down those first few weeks, where my whole body would ache. My nipples were raw, my breasts ached, and Kensington was nursing for about 20 minutes every 2 hours. I was exhausted and so was Dylan (who was a champ and got up with me every single time). But after those first, very long 10 days or so, it got a little easier and less painful. And now I absolutely love nursing our baby girl.  I am so amazed with my body each and every time I put her into a little milk coma and every single second of struggle I experienced those first few weeks were so worth it.

To thank our own parents: At one point in your life you were completely helpless.  You couldn’t do anything and somebody helped you do everything.  Kensington relies on us for everything–to feed her, to monitor her health, to bathe her, to comfort her, to love her–and at one point Dylan and I both relied on our parents for everything. I think we’ve both really gained a ton of appreciation for our own parents now that we have our own child to care for.

Routines are everything: Really though, our only routine right now is bedtime, but we’re sticklers for it: bath, nurse, swaddle, paci, sleep sheep, lights off. And for the most part, Kensington goes right down and stays down. We’ve been very blessed to have a really great sleeping baby (though she still has time to flip on us) but I really do think our routine helps her understand nighttime versus daytime.

Parenting is a lot of trial and error: We definitely have our days where we shuffle through a whole list of things to try to calm Kensie. Try the swing. Try bouncing her. Try gripe water.  Some things work for her and some things don’t. Now that she’s 2 months old, we definitely have good tricks up our sleeves for what works to calm her down and what doesn’t, but a lot of that first month was just trying anything and everything to help her.

We are so unbelievably satisfied by the weirdest things: I never thought that having a tiny human burp in my face would be so fulfilling. Nor did I think having a gassy baby finally pass the gas (even if it’s right on me) make me so happy.  I’ve never laughed so hard when she’s peed on Dylan, or pooped on the bed, or licked my arm.  There’s nothing this baby can do to me that won’t make me the happiest momma in this world. It’s seriously the best thing ever.

Five of our favorite moments with Kensington:

Our first family photo session: Our favorite photographer ever, Molly Scott Photo, took Kensington’s newborn photos and did lifestyle family photos with us as well.  I cannot be more thankful to have these photos of our little family, especially because they were taken in Kensington’s nursery.  I spent so much time putting her room together (read all about it here) and to have our first family pictures taken in her nursery makes my heart so happy.

The Holidays: Kensington was born into the busiest month of all, but we didn’t let that keep us from having a great holiday season. We spent Christmas in Richmond because Dylan had to work the day after, and we spent the New Year in Virginia Beach. And even though Kensington couldn’t have slept more through these holidays, I’m grateful to have been able to have her with us this past Christmas and New Year.  Also, how cute is our nephew, Finley, is one of our family pictures?

First time being fed from a bottle:  We waited until three weeks to introduce Kensington to a bottle, and she did awesome with it. We try to give her a bottle of breast milk a day so that she won’t become a little nipple snob, and she does fight us at times, but usually she sucks it right down. I loved seeing Dylan feed his daughter for the first time; it was such a special moment for him.

First Reactive smile:  Now this is not a picture of her first reactive smile because when it happened all I could do was stare and smile and cry because it was THAT amazing. But finally I caught it on camera for us to stare and smile and cry over years from now. Baby smiles are greater than life.

January Snow:  Dylan and I both love winter time and snow, so we had a blast bundling Kensington up and carrying her out into the mini-blizzard for a whopping 5 minutes. She really couldn’t have cared less, but her huge snowsuit made it all worth it. She looked so funny! I can’t wait until next year’s snow when she can play in it with us.

*Bonus: First trip to the beach: So this is a bonus because I’m not really counting it as her first time to the beach since she didn’t even get out of the stroller, but she loved strolling up and down the boardwalk with us and her grandparents. She was bug-eyed the whole time taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells. This summer when it’s warmer we’ll have her real first trip. Hopefully she likes the sand and water!

Five things Kensington loves:

Good Mornings: This baby girl is her happiest right after she nurses in the morning. She gives us big, gummy smiles and it’s the best way to start our days.  I caught the adorableness on video; click here to watch it.  She might be an early bird like me and not a night owl like her dad. Time will tell!

Stretching:  Goodness, when this baby stretches my heart explodes into a million pieces. She just looks so cute, sweet, and like a real little human.  AND she does it after every single nap. Both of those arms go up and she does her full body stretch.

Bath time: So these next few pictures are going to be a bit misleading because for some reason, Kensie was NOT a fan of her first bath. However, ever since, she has done really well. She doesn’t ever cry and in fact lately it appears as if she might be starting to enjoy bath time, especially having water poured on her big belly.  Hopefully this will continue!

Car rides:   Whenever Kensington is in the car, she is a sleeping beauty.  She sleeps through our shopping trips, date nights (really our one date night … let’s be honest we can’t afford to eat out right now), and Target runs because the car puts her to sleep before we even get to our destination.  She hasn’t been a super fussy baby (yet) but it’s nice to know that if she ever is we can just pop her in the back seat and go for a little drive.

Our dog:  I spent a lot of time worrying about how Marvel was going to react to Kensington while I was pregnant, but he has really surprised me.  He gives Kensie just the right amount of attention: a little kiss here and there, but then gives her space. Kensington loves to have her hand rubbed on his fur, and she definitely likes watching his tail wag! We’ll see how Marvel is doing when Kensie is mobile and playing with more toys…


Well, now that the first two months have flown by… I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be working on her four month update (or at least it feels like I’ll be doing it tomorrow). As much as we’re loving watching our Kensington grow, it’s still always going to be too fast.

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  1. i love what you have learnt from parenting. I definitely need to embrace #2 a little. I’ve never thought about that with my own parents. Feeling a little humbled after reading your post.

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