Kensie Lou’s 10 Month Update

Well, for some reason I’ve been dreading this blog… probably because it’s going to be one of my last of this kind. Soon, Kensington will be a one-year-old and I won’t really need to be giving every two month updates like I have been.

So, clearly, this makes me sad. And this makes me want to hold on to the “need” to write this blog. However, I can’t put it off forever or else it will not get done. So this is me sucking it up and getting it done.

Kensington from 8 months to 10 months has changed SO much. She is walking, blabbing, eating everything, and is really so much more of a toddler than a baby these days. She has become such a riot and we’re even getting a glimpse of those toddler tantrums that everyone has warned us about. Yet, she is still somehow just as sweet as ever and manages to melt my heart every single day.

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5 Things We’ve Learned About Parenting

You can’t box them in forever
We just recently rearranged our living room. If you ask me, it was perfect how it was before: cozy, quaint, and very intimate. If you ask Kensie: it wasn’t enough space. Because she went from cruising to walking so quickly, she needed so much more space to trot around. And even though I tried so hard to contain her in our (seriously) 3’ by 4’ living room floor… she said no and won the battle. We rearranged in a way that opened up the whole room: now our living room is probably 8’ by 6’ and she is one happy little baby because of it.

Tantrums will be the death of us
Just kidding… kind of. But boy, those little glimpses we are seeing now of Kensington’s tantruming is not fun. She has this one angry scream that is SO incredibly ear piercing… I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t terrified for those “terrible two” and “threenager” tantrums everyone warns us about.

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Kids like weird things as toys
Apples, dog toys, shoes… Kensington plays with these things more than her actual baby toys. It’s kind of humorous actually, except the dog toys. Marvel and Kensie love to chase each other with some of his toys and while it’s adorable, it’s pretty disgusting too. We haven’t quite figured out a way to keep that from happening… Right now Marvel just isn’t getting as many of his toys as he’d probably like to have out.

The dog will be fed
And not by you. I have to say, watching Kensington fed Marvel some of her scraps is pretty dang cute. She puts her hand down, lets Marvel lick her hand, and she squeals of laughter. Don’t worry, she’s not sharing her food until after she’s done eating (homegirl is a big fan of her meals) so I only let it go for a few seconds. And it’s hilarious. And gross. All at the same time… serious parenting problems.

Time flies
I know this is one I’ve probably said in every single update for Kensington, but it’s true. I’m planning my girl’s first birthday and the invites are about to go out… How did this happen SO quickly? She’s running, she’s playing with other kids, she’s babbling like crazy and can say Mama and Dada and Bubba (what we call Marvel) and I know before we know it she will be on her way to college. [insert all the tears here] Nobody can prepare you for how fast it goes. Nobody.

5 Things Kensington Loves

Playing “I’m Gonna Get You”
This is actually a game that Dylan started with Kensington, but all any of us have to say now is “I’m gonna get you!” and she squeals with excitement and takes off running away. And then of course, when you grab her you have to tickle her until she gives you one of those big ole belly laughs and then, you let her go and start the whole game over again! It’s seriously one of my favorite things too.

Kensington doesn’t necessarily love wearing shoes, but she absolutely LOVES carrying them around. If you let her, she will try to carry her shoes, my shoes, Dylan’s shoes… She does try to eat them too but we’ve been putting that to an end as quickly as we can. This girl is just obsessed with shoes! It’s too early… Y’all I’m gonna need serious preparation for her teenage years.

This kid would eat nothing but strawberries if you let her. She does enjoy blueberries and raspberries as well, but nothing gets her as hype as a good strawb. Yeah, that’s what I’ve resorted to calling them: strawbs, bluebs, raspbs. And yeah, I know, my kid’s going to be so weird and it’s going to be all my fault. Hehe.

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UGH these are my favorite. She will run at me with full force and put one hand on each shoulder and lay her head on my chest. It. Is. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. And I cannot get enough of it and I hope it never ever stops. We do get kisses occasionally, but they don’t melt my heart as much as her huge smile running towards me for a hug. It’s seriously the best.

Her Cousins
My sister Angie has two boys named Finley and River. Finn is 4 and River is 18 months and Kensie LOVES trying to keep up with them. They both definitely act like they are too cool for her, but now River is starting to come around to her especially since she can walk now. She loves trying to keep up with them and it makes my heart so happy to see them somewhat play together. In fact, just the other night at Sunday dinner I kept saying “Angie LOOK at our babies!” All three of them make me so happy.

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5 of Our Favorite Moments with Kensie

Her first steps
I’m not kidding when I say this: Kensington’s first steps were out of NOWHERE. She had been cruising, but she hadn’t let go but a few times before. So when she randomly did let go and took a few steps… Dylan and I looked at each other with so much fear and confusion. A few days and multiple steps later, we finally got it on video.

She was just a few days past 9 months old when she started taking steps, and now at 10 months she is trying to run as fast as she can. She still flops and wobbles and honestly falls a good amount, but she always gets back up with such a determined face. We definitely have a wild one on our hands, but I couldn’t be happier or more proud of her for figuring it all out so quickly.

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Eating Dinner
This sounds weird. Kensington always eats dinner, but usually it’s baby food, or only strawberries or crackers–but now, this kid is eating OUR dinner. When we go out to eat, she gets her own meal. It’s so crazy to think that she will be off of her bottles in just a few months, but she’s already started to wean away. She wants real food and she wants a ton of it. Which is great! Especially because she’s burning some extra calories with all of those steps.

First Time Clapping and Waving
I’ve been trying to get Kensington to clap since she was probably 4 months old. And right about 8 months–she started! And of course with clapping came waving which is the CUTEST thing. She doesn’t flap her hand back and forth, but instead she just opens and closes it really slowly. Lately, we’ve been waving to each other in my rear view mirror. It’s makes every morning just a little bit sweeter.

First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
We only go to my brother-in-law’s farm for pumpkins because (1) All their profits go to funding my nephew’s college (hellooooo best Aunt ever) and (2) they really are the best pumpkins to chose from. From my sister’s hand-lettered pumpkins, to her mother-in-law’s face-painted pumpkins, they’re the best. And Kensington loved it! She carried one around the whole time and tried to pick up all of the big ones. It was adorable and made it feel very much like fall (with no thanks to the weather).

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pumpkin baby, kensie lou, pumpkin patch pictures

First Trip to Visit Charlotte
Dylan’s parents moved from Virginia Beach to Charlotte this past summer and it took us a few months to FINALLY get down to see them. Their new home is so adorable and so perfect for them, and they had such a great time showing us around their new city. It was super fun to see all the places Charlotte has to offer, and we even went to an aquarium nearby, which was so fun for Kensington. Dylan even took his dad to see the Eagles vs Panthers football game. They had such a great time (and it helped that they’re Eagles fans, and the Eagles won). I know we will be making so many new memories in their new city with them and we all have so much fun visiting.

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And that’s that! Only one monthly update left. HOW? Still baffled.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Sarah


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