Kensie Lou’s 8 Month Update

Kensington’s 8 month birthday snuck up on me so fast, that here we are over a week past and I’m JUST now getting around to writing her update. I’m normally a few days ahead of the game, but it just completely slipped my mind. Mostly because I feel like I just wrote her 6 month update. How has it been two months since I last posted about our baby girl?

Because time goes by faster when you have a kid.

But moving on! Here we are, the parents of an 8-month-old who is changing and growing faster than we can even acknowledge. She’s standing, chewing, babbling, and is about to have a mouth full of teeth. I’m beginning to see her becoming more of a toddler and getting so far away from our little newborn baby. It’s so bittersweet.

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Five things we’ve learned about parenting.

Baby proof it all.  And do it early. Right when Kensington turned 7 months, she began crawling at such a fast pace. Before I knew it, I couldn’t walk into the kitchen without her finding her way right behind me. She loves to touch all the things we tell her not to (go figure) so as soon as she started army crawling, we started baby proofing the whole house, which took a lot of work. In retrospect, we definitely should’ve done that sooner, so any new mamas out there, take note!

Babies + Lemons = HILARIOUS. But weirdly, Kensington really seemed to like the taste of lemons. She gave us one really good sour shake of her head and then started reaching for more. I don’t like sour things at all, but Dylan does so it seems she might have gotten a taste for sour things from him. We did get some pretty great pictures out of her first time. Hehe.

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Clothes will be ruined. The more that Kensie eats, the more that her clothes suffer. I know, I should’ve seen that one coming (especially because her favorite foods are orange: sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin) but I get so heartbroken when I wash her clothes over and over again and the same neckline stains are there (especially on her little rompers because they’re my favorite). We use bibs, of course, but sometimes it’s not enough to keep our wild child from smearing it all over herself. I’ve just come to realize that some clothes will be ruined in her eating adventures and I’m sure there’s more mess to come as she gets older.

A weekend away is okay! This is mostly for me, since Dylan was at home on Daddy-Duty, but I went to Savannah for my best friend’s bachelorette party, and I have to be honest, I was SO scared to leave Kensington behind in Virginia. But us 21st Century Mamas really have it made: FaceTime, FaceTime, FaceTime. Though Kensington is still pretty young and really didn’t understand why I was in the phone, just seeing her sweet face each day made me so incredibly happy. We had a great trip for sure, but I sure did miss my littlest BFF. And I did feel so incredibly guilty for leaving her, but in retrospect I don’t know why! She had a great weekend with her dad and I had a great time with my besties. Time away is okay!

Naps on the beach are life. We took our first family vacation with Kensington when she was 7 months old, and we learned quickly that the best way to enjoy the beach with her was to schedule beach time around nap time. She napped so well on the beach, and then when she’d wake up, we’d play! She’d get sandy, wet, dirty, and exhausted and we’d take her back up for a bath and to play inside until bedtime. Naps on the beach gave us some relaxing adult time on the beach and it definitely made beach time more relaxing.

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Five things Kensington loves.

Standing. This kid went straight from crawling to pulling up and now we are entering a standing-always phase. She wants to stand on the floor, in her crib, on the couch, in her rocking chair–it doesn’t matter where she is, she wants to stand.

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Saying “dada.” And yes it drives me crazy. I’ll ask her to say “mama” and all I get back is “dada.” And she always has the most innocent smile on her face when she says it. I know one day I’m going to be so sick and tired of hearing her say mama over and over, but right now I’m DYING to hear it. I’d take it 1,000 times over zero times… Buttttttttt that being said–it is pretty darn cute when she says dada. And I know how much Dylan loves it, so I guess it’s okay… for now. But if she hasn’t said mama by her 10 month update, then it’s no longer okay. 🙂 Also, her school told us a few weeks ago that they swear she said “ball,” but we haven’t heard it just yet… I really can’t wait for her to talk because I’m such a talker. Talking is one thing I’ll be excited for her to do quickly, if she decides to. 🙂

The Jumparoo. My sister so sweetly gave us their jumparoo for Kensie to use, and she absolutely loves it. We’ve had it since she was 5 or 6 months old, but it really wasn’t until she hit 7-8 months that she’s started to really jump in it. And goodness does this girl get wild! She will scream, jump, click some buttons, scream again, and jump jump jump. It’s so cute and probably my favorite thing to watch her play with.

Her friends at school. From what we’ve been told, Kensington ADORES the other girl’s at school. It’s a pretty small program, but there are two other girls who are close to Kensie’s age, and they all play together so well. Her teacher sends me pictures every day she’s there and I love thinking about how my little girl is already starting to socialize with other children and has little baby friends. It’s so adorable.

Crafts. Speaking of school, Kensington already comes home with so many crafts! And from what her teachers tell us, Kensie loves when they do art! They’ve done hand painting, brush painting, finger painting, footprints, handprints, and so much more. I love that she gets to explore different kinds of crafting and she’s beginning to find what kinds of things she likes to do (even though I’m sure that’ll change over and over again).

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Five of our favorite moments with Kensie. 

First time at the beach.  As I said earlier, we got to take our first family vacation as a family of 3 in July! We had so much fun. We visited the Outer Banks, and we were pleasantly surprised at how well Kensington did. The water was a little too cold for her, but when we collected some of it into a small hole in the sand and let the sun warm it up, she loved playing in it! She liked the sand sometimes and sometimes she didn’t. But overall, she really did a great job and it gives me so much hope that she’ll be a little beach lover.

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the freehearted, beach baby

First tooth coming in. I know babies really get teeth anywhere from 4-10 months, but when Kensington’s first tooth came in around 6 months, I was so surprised. In fact, my best friend Ashley was the one who found it poking through her gums. I didn’t even believe her when she yelled “Sarah she has a tooth coming in!” But she did! And man, once one came in, another and another and another popped in so quickly. Right now, Kensington has 3 teeth that have cut, but I can see at least 4 others that are going to be coming in soon. Her whole smile is changing! Bittersweet for sure.

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First time crawling. She started army crawling right after her 6 month birthday. Pretty slowly at first, but by 7 months, she was really crawling super quickly. And right after she started crawling, she started pulling up on everything to stand. Now, that’s all she wants to do is stand. She definitely enjoys being mobile.

First Fourth of July. We enjoyed the best Fourth of July with Kensington. We took her to the spray park with her cousins in the morning (though she wasn’t be biggest fan of the spraying water), then we had lunch with family, and then we took her out to Lake Anna and enjoyed an afternoon on the water. She loved the lake water! And loved spending time in it with her dad. I got to spend some much needed time with my high school besties, and overall, it was a really great day with all of our favorite people.

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the fourth of july

First time standing unassisted. About two weeks ago, she started letting go of the things she’d pull herself up on. It was only for a few seconds at first, but now she’s standing on her own for at least 10-15 seconds. I have no idea how we progressed this quickly, but she just wants to grow up so quickly. Standing is her favorite thing these days, and she looks like such a little toddler when she does it.

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And there’s her update! Our baby girl is growing up so quickly. I’m sure her first birthday will be here faster than we’d like (even though y’all know I’m already planning her party now… hehe). She’s still the center of our world and the brightest parts of our days. We love her so much.

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