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Kensington’s Pink & Gold Nursery

Ever since my best friend, Katie, started planning Kensington’s baby shower, I knew I needed to come up with a “theme” for Kensie’s nursery. I was definitely intimidated. I didn’t want to feel limited to a theme and also couldn’t find one that I liked enough to commit to. So Katie suggested a color scheme and that’s what I ran with! A simple “Pink & Gold” color scheme stole my heart and Katie saw my vision just as well as I did.

Katie decorated our baby shower with frames and decorative pictures that we could also use in the nursery, which is a PRO baby shower hostess move.  🙂 It definitely made my vision come to life. I’m so happy to share this nursery with everybody! Gosh does this make me want my baby here already. Kensie Lou’s nursery is so perfect and exactly what I pictured. I hope you guys enjoy seeing it!

The Crib:

Dylan’s wonderful parents gave us our crib as a baby shower gift. It’s absolutely perfect! I love the changing table attachment and the extra storage is always a plus. I picked out pink sheets that have tiny, white arrows on them. I cried when they came in because they are just too adorable (and because hormones…). My sister made the canvas that beautifully displays her name. Kensington is a little long to spell out in individual letters and I really wanted to include her middle name into the display. So this canvas is just perfect. My sister also made her crib skirt, which is a ribbon banner. It fits perfectly under her bed and it has all the best shades of pink & gold!

pink and gold nursery ideas, baby girl nursery

fox mobile, pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas

The Changing Corner:

Next is the changing area! We have two drawers of disposable diapers (we weren’t able to invest in newborn cloth diapers and so she probably won’t fit into the one size diapers until she is about a month old or so…) and then three drawers of one-sized, fully stuffed cloth diapers with all the best prints. We are so excited to give cloth diapers a try and I hope she can fit into them shortly after her birth! We also have a clothes hamper with a huge pink swan on it. I particularly like this hamper because it is very light and the top turns into handles which makes it easier to take to and from the washer. Katie and her family gave it to us! Then of course we have a simple diaper pail with a reusable bright pink liner. No point in disposable liners if you’re going to wash it all anyways!

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas

The Dresser and decorative wall:

This is one of my favorite parts of her nursery because it has been a vision in my head for so long, and to have it complete just feels amazing. I wanted a collage of pictures above her dresser and I love that this is the first thing you see when you walk into her nursery. Again, Katie got us all of the frames, and then Dylan and I picked out the gold antlers. I love that it’s simple, but adorable, and that we can change out her ultrasound picture in the future as she grows. For now, it’s a wonderful reminder of where it all began. I’ll never forget seeing her little face for the first time on these ultrasounds and I can’t wait until she’s here to see her sweet face in person.

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas, deer antler nursery

The Rocking Corner: 

This corner is very special to me because it almost didn’t exist. Dylan and I have been going through a financial rough patch for quite some time, so when we were nailing down exactly what we needed for Kensington, a glider/rocker was almost cut from our list. Thankfully, we were able to find one for a low price, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have it to rock sweet Kensie to sleep.

The little fox is Kensie’s first stuffed animal! And man oh man am I obsessed with it. When I first saw it in the store, I carried it around like a baby and very much contemplated keeping it for myself (hehe). It is just so, so, so soft! But I love that Kensington will have it as she grows and I hope she loves it as much as I do (and as much as Marvel does … keeping him away from it is our new struggle).

The pink blanket is probably what makes this corner the most special part of her nursery. Before my mother passed, she made all of her future grandkids blankets. She made me four blankets (which is weird, because it is exactly how many children Dylan and I have always talked about having, but there’s no way she would’ve known that…) and this is the one I picked out for Kensington. My mom even signed it “Grammie Pam,” and her handwriting on the blanket is such a sweet addition. It has been very hard not having her here throughout my first pregnancy, and I know it will only be harder to not have her here as Kensie grows. But this blanket will serve as a way for me to incorporate my mother into Kensie’s daily life, even though she isn’t here physically. I want all of my children to know who my mother and their Grammie was, and I’m so thankful that they will have a small gift from her to keep forever.

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas

The Reading corner:

Another favorite part of her nursery (OK fine, it’s all my favorite… I’m just obsessed) is her reading corner. I knew I wanted a book shelf of some kind, but to be honest we don’t have the money for one right now and I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted her to have anyways. So I found these IKEA Spice Racks off amazon and they work perfectly! I’m sure we will run out of room soon, as books are very important for me as a mother (I have a MA in English Literature for goodness sakes), but for now they are perfect! I vision a little toddler chair going underneath it when she’s older so that she can pick herself out a book and sit down with it. My siblings and I were always read to as children, and I very much want to incorporate reading into my children’s life as well.

pink and gold nursery, ikea book shelves, baby nursery ideas

pink and gold nursery, baby girl nursery ideas

The Organization of it all: 

I thought I would post a little bit about how I organized it all, especially Kensington’s clothes. I hung up her nice dresses and jackets/layer-able items (i.e., vests, cardigans, etc.) and then folded the rest (i.e., onesies, PJs, shirts, leggings, jeans, etc.). Both her closet and dresser are organized by size. Her drawers go from newborn clothes on top, to 3 months in the middle, to six months on the bottom. As she outgrows her clothes, we will take those clothes out of the dresser drawers and move up the clothes in the next size. So all of the clothes that are her current size will always be at the top. Then we can begin storing her clothes that are too small right away in storing bins for the next baby. I’m hoping this will keep things organized and not chaotic.

She does have two smaller drawers at the top of her dresser that we stored some of her other clothes items in. One of the drawers has all of her bibs in it (which I’m sure we will move downstairs once she’s eating solids) and the other has socks, hats, and bows in. We hung all of her headbands on the antlers above the dresser. All of the guests at our baby shower made her the headbands, and we are so thankful to have so many for her (because let’s be honest, baby headbands are the cutest).

We do have another set of drawers in her closet that are storing extra blankets, towels, and washcloths. Sorry they aren’t pictured!  🙁

pink and gold nursery ideas, baby girl nursery organization

pink and gold nursery, baby nursery organization

pink and gold nursery, baby nursery organization

pink and gold nursery, baby nursery organization

pink and gold nursery, baby nursery organization, gold deer antler decor

And that’s about it! It feels so good to be fully nested and ready for our sweet Kensington. Now it’s just a waiting game… I’m 38 weeks and 4 days today, so only about a week and a half until she is due. We’re equally eager, excited, terrified, and ready for her to come! Can’t wait to share her birth story with you guys as soon as she decides she’s ready.  🙂



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16 thoughts on “Kensington’s Pink & Gold Nursery

  1. Kensington’s nursery looks beautiful! Love the color scheme and the handmade blanket from your mom is so touching. My mom made my daughter’s christening gown and I hope that it gets passed to my future grandchildren or that I’ll have the honor making one for my future grandchildren.

  2. How gorgeous! I love the little fox details and the antlers! Using them for the headbands is so creative. Wildlife decor isn’t just for boys, and you’ve incorporated it so perfectly!

  3. Thats so beautiful! I love the decor, i wish it was my room! Lol i never had the opportunity to decorate my kids room when they were babies..we never had the room or the funds to decorate it how i wanted to. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So pretty and efficient too. No space wasted! I love how grammie has signed the blankie. And the spice rack idea. Genius! The best part about this is that she can keep changing things as she griws up but stay true to the original theme too..

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