October Favorites — A new monthly tradition

Hi guys! So this will be our first attempt at a “Favorites” list. Basically, we will make a list of our favorite things that we used throughout each month. Our favorites could be something either Dylan or I used, and it might be a food, beauty, cleaning, or any kind of item! Basically whatever we are loving, we will put on our favorites list! So let’s get to it.

  • The first item was a no-brainer for me because Dylan has been loving it lately: Vitamin water! When he gave up soda, he still wanted a drink that had more of a taste than water (don’t we all) so he gave Vitamin water a try. He loves it! Click here to view all their different flavors on Amazon.
  • Justin’s All-Natural Single packs of peanut butter! Well, I like the peanut butter ones and Dylan enjoys the  Chocolate Hazelnut ones. These are not only delicious, but super convenient. When I have class, I will just throw it into my book bag and eat it whenever I feel hungry. And an added bonus, at least for the peanut butter ones: there is also no sugar added! Just nuts and oil — can’t beat that! Click here to view on Amazon.
  • Masterchef Junior. Okay, so this one hasn’t exactly started yet, but we cannot wait! We tried recording it a month before it came on … And it didn’t work of course. But it comes on this Friday and we are ready for it! We love watching cooking shows of all kinds, but Masterchef and Masterchef Junior are our absolute favorites. Can’t wait for this season.
  • Trader Joe’s. Now this is not just an October thing, but with Dylan beginning Paleo in September, we both (not just me) now enjoy doing our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. We find so many deals, steals, and unique items. I am totally an adult when I say that I actually look forward to our grocery shopping trips … kind of even more than I enjoy actually cooking the things we buy.
  • Fantasy football. This one is definitely not my favorite thing, but Dylan’s. He not only is in multiple leagues, but is actually winning extra money each week from it. We all know Dylan loves his football!  He uses and Draft Kings for weekly ones.
  • Tea Tree Oil Soap from Trader Joe’s is my newfound love. It leaves my skin super soft and silky. But my favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t use as harsh of chemicals as most soaps. The ingredients in this bar soap are very minimal — only seven total! Click here to view it on Amazon, but just an FYI it is much, much cheaper in store. I believe I paid $1.99 for two bars, where as on Amazon it is almost $7. Ouch!
  • Beach trips with the pups! Despite the colder weather, the beach is just as enjoyable, especially with the crab chasing, sand digging, barking dogs of ours. We had a blast taking them! Here are some pictures from our day trip:

IMG_8158     IMG_8230

IMG_8228      IMG_8237

IMG_8223      IMG_8179


Marvel the next day was like:


And that’s all! Let us know if you guys try any of our October favorites. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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