Our Baby Shower

A little late to update our blog (per usual), but our good friends Katie and Kyle threw us a beautiful Baby Shower on October 9th, exactly 6 months after our wedding day. Even though the wind was kicking (just like at our wedding… I’m not sure why all of our events are on such windy days… sorry guys!) and it was the first “coldish” day of the year, every single thing about the day was absolutely to die for. I couldn’t have pictured it to be better in any way. Katie spoiled us with hot cider, hot chocolate, baby “Franks” in a blanket, popcorn, cupcakes, delicious cheese dip and chips, and way too many gifts to spoil our Kensington with. We couldn’t have been showered any better and we are so grateful to each and every person who came out to celebrate with us.

Here are a few pictures! So many more were taken, but these are a few of the “highlights.”









As you can see, I couldn’t wipe that cheesy smile off of my face all day. It was absolutely perfect. We can’t wait to meet you Kensington!

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