Our Fourth of July

Dylan and I had an awesome Fourth of July weekend together. Dylan normally doesn’t get any time off around holidays because he works retail, but we were thankful that he was able to have Friday and Saturday off, as well as most of Sunday and Monday.

On Saturday, Angie brought her two boys over and we had pizza for dinner and played at the playground. It was nice to have her company as well as spend some time with our two nephews. On Sunday, we had my family over for a pool day, and even though it wasn’t the greatest weather, we all still enjoyed a cold swim.  We were also fortunate to have both pools to ourselves, since the weather was so poor, and even claimed the best seats. Dylan and Jake grilled us dinner, and we had dessert at the apartment. Sunday dinner has always been a tradition we love, and we were both excited to host this week’s dinner.

On Monday, the fourth, we spent most of the day relaxing (well, I did, since Dylan was working the majority of the morning). We went to go see fireworks at Dogwood Dell that evening, which was the place where we got married. Dylan rocked his American flag shorts, and I sweated by butt off in maternity jeans. I also had a HUGE craving for a funnel cake (it was all I could smell while we were there) but the lines were incredibly long and the seats were filling up fast, so baby Frank went without his/her funnel cake. But it was so nice to be back where we said our vows making the fireworks show just that more special. We met up with some friends there and had an amazing time watching the show with them.

We ended the weekend (or started the week) with a trip to the Diamond for a Squirrels game with Jake and Tiffany.  There’s nothing more fun than a baseball game, and even though it was miserably hot, we still had a blast.

Enjoy some of our pictures!

Quick baby update… I finally felt baby Frank move this week! It was on Friday, July 8th. It was just a little “flutter” so no kicks or anything yet, but it was definitely a magical (and insanely weird) feeling. We’re 18 weeks today! Only two more weeks until we should know if baby is a girl or a boy!






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