The most important time is family time

It’s so nice when Dylan gets a weekend off of work, and while majority of the time our weekends off do not match, this weekend was the exception. I did work early Saturday morning, but we enjoyed Friday night, Saturday night, and all day Sunday together. Certainly a treat for us! We started our weekend together on Friday night when we had a wonderful dinner with Dylan’s parents. I always love spending time with them. Then, after I got off work on Saturday, we took Megan to find her Homecoming outfit, as well as shopped for our pups (they can never have enough toys, right?).  Once we were back and Megan was all dressed up (doesn’t she look awesome in that bow tie?!) Megan’s two dates came over and we drove the trio to their dance.

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After we dropped Megan and her friends off, Dylan and I enjoyed a nice date night at MacArthur Center in Norfolk. It was my first time at MacArthur, and we had a great time. We shopped, ate, and enjoyed some time together before picking Megan up when the dance was over. On Sunday, we ventured from the coastal part of Virginia and into Central Virginia to visit the other side of our family.


When you live apart from family, even just a long car ride away, you begin to savor all the time you get with them.  So when Dylan and I’s Sunday brunch date went from just the two-of-us to the seven-of-us, we were more than excited. We all met at Tarrants West End in Short Pump and passed around garlic rolls, cinnamon rolls, crab cakes, beef tenderloin eggs benedict, and all the best brunch food. We got “big hugs” from Finley and spent the few hours catching up before heading to our father’s house for Sunday dinner.

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But before we drove the thirty minutes from city to country where my father lives, Dylan and I made a few pitstops. As you can see he wanted nothing to do with my selfies. We decided to go look (only look!) at wedding bands at Kay Jewelers in Short Pump Town Center and ended up walking out with two beautiful wedding bands. The process was awesome: we both tried on probably all of the rings they had and our saleswoman was very patient with us.  Dylan had a hard time at first–he has never worn any kind of ring before so when he was trying them on, he seemed to be very overwhelmed. I had mine picked out within 10 minutes, but then I had to try on the rest “just to be sure” (very indecisive over here). The women who were helping us were extremely patient, nice, and gave us great advice when we were debating between one ring to the next.  I would highly recommend them!  We are so excited to be check off another thing off our list of wedding plans. If only finding a dress was this easy… But that’s for a whole other blog post. (And if you’re curious, no I have not found a dress yet… starting to enter panic mode… Just kidding… Kind of.)


After successfully shopping for wedding bands, we made one last pit stop before arriving to Dad’s place: Finley’s pumpkin stand! Nathan Harris, my brother-in-law, has a wonderful pumpkin stand at his family’s farm, Twin Farms. All of the proceeds go towards Finley’s future, and the pumpkins come in all different sizes. They have even painted some super cute faces on some of the pumpkins, which make simple and fun fall decorations. So if you live in the Gum Spring area, check out his stand!


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So with our car filled with pumpkins, we arrived to Dad’s house. We met my grandmother’s new puppy, Bandit, sat in the grass and caught up with our cousin Rachel and our Uncle Mike, and threw a football. The weather on Sunday was beautiful–couldn’t have asked for a better day.

          IMG_7988     IMG_7999

But once the chill in the air pushed us from outside to inside, we were able to enjoy some of Tiffany’s delicious broccoli cheddar soup and played endless rounds of “Telestrations,” which is a hilarious game that combines “Telephone” and “Pictionary.” We played the “After Dark” version, which made the game twice as funny.  This was our first time playing and Dylan and I loved it! If you like anything like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, you will absolutely fall in love with “Telestrations.”  To see it on Amazon, click here.


After a fun evening with family, we made one last stop on our back to Virginia Beach: Sugar Shack! We have been telling Dylan’s mom about them for probably over a year now so taking a dozen home for everyone to try was well past due. Dylan picked out the dozen (some crazy flavors like oreo and snickers, as well as a few simple chocolate and glazed flavors) and we began the two hour drive back. I absolutely love car rides with him–nothing but long conversations, singing at the top of our lungs, and sometimes we have some pretty great dance competitions. Nothing is better than a road trip with your best friend (no matter how short).

I am very grateful to have had a wonderful weekend with both of our families! Nothing makes me happier than weekends like this one.

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